Many of you need to learn how to release the golf club. If you are finding that the ball goes too high and you don’t get the distance that other golfers get then it is most likely because you are not releasing the golf club. Think of a tennis shot for a minute. If you were going to play a tennis forehand, as you ripped the ball through impact you would need to rotate you hands over the top in order to get the ball in the court. The same thing happens in the golf swing. The difference is that in golf the ball is on the ground and the rotation of the hands keeps the ball flight lower and allows you to draw the ball. This is why people say you hit a longer ball if you draw than if you slice. I have this video by Michael Breed that should help your swing.

The only golf swing trainer that you require in this drill is a golf tee. Grip your club with both hands and take your normal stance. You need to place the golf tee between you thumb and index finger of you left hand. The tee should be pointing out in front of you (90 degrees to the target). As you take some practice swings, you are trying to get the tee to point and the target through impact. This is what releasing the club is all about. You are ripping the ball which will lower the ball flight and it will travel further. You may even find yourself drawing the ball for the first time in your life. Now what a feeling that would be.

Take as many practice swings as you need and when you get a good feel for what the hands are doing then hit some balls. When you are hitting the balls, keep the tee in your grip. It will help you maintain that fell or help you to visualize the tee pointing to the target after impact.

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