Well for those that have been following, it has been a while since I have played a full round of golf. Injury has struck me down but things are starting to look up. Osteitis pubis has given me some trouble over the past 18 months and we (physio and myself) figured out that it was swinging the golf club that was making my progress so slow.

Result….I had to stop playing!


But this is the first week I have been given the ok to get back out onto the range and hit some balls. I still need to build into it but I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel.

As you know, the videos I post here are ones that I find useful. Because I haven’t been able to try any drills lately these video posts have been few and far between. For that IĀ apologize, but I am now back out there on my journey, aiming to improve my golf game.

I have been out to the practice range twice since Sunday. Each time I am allowed to hit 50 balls. I found myself feeling very awkward. It is fair to say that I hit a lot of bad shots early but I did see improvement. One of the areas I realized needed work was the work of my lower body.

I noticed (by taking video on my phone) that my lower body lacked stability. My head (upper body I know!) was beginning behind the ball as it should but during my back swing it was moving even further back. Too far in fact.

This was a simple sign that my lower body was creating too much movement. In the video below you will see exactly what I mean. I realized that my right side or right leg was moving too far side to side. This was making it very difficult to hit the ball consistently as there was simply too much going on.

I found the video below that explains exactly how much movement there should be in the lower body. The video explains that many people focus on their left leg or lead leg. They try and keep that leg stable. But as the guys explain it is more important to be stable on the back leg in the golf swing.

The back leg needs to remain relatively quiet during the back swing. This stability makes it much easier to get the club to the ball in a consitent manner and you will hit better shots more often.

It is important to not that this does not mean the back leg needs to stay completely still.

Your body is rotating and your leg needs to allow this to happen.


The leg rotates slightly rather than shifting a long way to the right. This gives excellent stability and should allow you to hit the ball much better.

I have worked on this and in all honesty it is something that is quite easy to fix.

I am just so excited to be swinging a club again. I will be out there again in the next couple of days hitting my 50 balls. It isn’t much but I will take it after such a long lay off.

Please comment below on your thoughts of this concept.

Here’s the video



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