Getting Started With Golf Swing Journey

Resources To Help You Improve Your Golf Swing

While some of you have been followers of Golf Swing Journey since the beginning in 2011, many of you are fairly new readers and may find it difficult to work through all the posts.

For those that are new, I have compiled a beginner’s guide. Kind of a Quick Start guide that will help you on your way.

Firstly, these posts are tips and drills that have helped me. Since playing golf every now and then, I was sick and tired of thinking I was improving and then feel like I was getting worse. I decided to spend my days after work, working on my game more seriously in order to improve.

Each drill may not be fore everyone but I encourage you to give them a go to see if they are as helpful to you as they were/are for me.

Please don’t try to go through too much at once. You need to take your journey in small steps.

My actual job is as a physical education teacher, so I am trained to teach sports. This is why i ask you to work on one or two drills at a time. This will help improve your game.

Your journey will hopefully be a long one so take it one step at a time.

Research show that a beginning golfer will improve rapidly and then actually stop improving. This is where people get frustrated and often quite.

What they don’t realize is that just around the corner is another burst of improvement. Then again there is another plateau. After more persistence there is another burst and so it continues. So I encourage you to keep at it.

So the question is, where do you start? I guess you start with the best, or at least the most popular.

So here they are:

Most Popular Posts

1. Golf Club Head Speed – Increase Lag

2. Golfing Tips For Driving

3. Topping The Golf Ball

4. Improve Your Swing Plane

5. Adam Scott – Balance

6. Sand Play – Gary Player

7. Getting Spin On Your Pitch Shot

8. Phil Mickelson Chipping From The Rough

9. Greg Norman Golf Tips

10. Golf Grip

11. How To Cure A Slice

12. How To Cure A Shank

13. Improve Your Iron Shots

14. Putting Tips – Phil Mickelson

15. Golf Swing Slice Correction


So those should get you started. If that’s not enough then feel free to roam around the site for as long as you like. I love hearing from my readers and their journey. I get a real kick out of hearing about your improvements and your frustrations. So please contact me an time and I will aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.


Golf is a great game, so enjoy it. Most of us don’t get paid to play so you may as well have fun on your journey.