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Golf is a complex game from both a mental and physical standpoint. For many people the sport is too demanding because it requires a multifaceted approach that isn’t required in many other activities.

It’s hard to be a golfer, and it’s very hard to be a great golfer. There are certain traits that legitimate golfers possess that enable them to perform well in a game that often defies physics. These traits are listed below, along with ways that you can mold your game to them for better success.

1. Patience

For someone to be successful at golf, they have to have a certain level of patience. We all know there are even professional players that lose their temper, but overall, patience is a key component of a successful style of play.

Golf is a game of routine and it’s a common understanding that when someone plays a poor stroke, they need to move on. There isn’t time for a pity party in the sport, and it’s a main reason that people often bow out before they can become successful. It’s an excruciatingly challenging pastime, and it takes persistence.

Why patience for your game?

If you’re a golfer, particularly a beginner, it’s critical to do the best you can when it comes to perseverance. Every player in the world hits a bad shot once in a while, but the best ones are able to move on. Even though you’re likely not playing at a major championship level, it’s wise to try and move on through the quicksand of poor play. It’s tough to force yourself forward, but it only helps to forget and move on when it comes to solidifying your golf game. A deep breath and a renewed focus can go a long way.

2. Gear

Legitimate golfers have the right gear to help them succeed. Just as it’s hard to do anything else in life without the necessary means, golf is no different. In fact, it’s arguably more important to have the right gear in golf than many other activities because the game demands very calculated processes and movements. Any miscue in swing, stance or club can alter trajectory to the point of an errant stroke.

Why the correct gear?

You need to have clubs that fit and all of the other necessary items like no-slip shoes that will enable you to the play the game of golf with a fighting chance at consistency. Part of setting yourself up to succeed is surrounding your game with the right equipment.

3. Access

Many people want to play golf, but simply don’t have viable access to a course. Golf is expensive and most golfers that have legitimate skill also have widespread access when it comes to the courses near them. Golf is a sport that takes practice and regular visits to a course or driving range is necessary to get enough practice.

Repetitive technique and consistency are characteristics of an effective golf game. For anyone to acquire these descriptors, they need to have access.

Why access?

You’ve got to put in the time to be successful on the links. To do that, you need a course or driving range that you can frequent. This won’t be an issue if money isn’t an obstacle for you. However, for many people it’s a big deterrent. One way to overcome the challenge of gaining access is to try and find an affordable course nearby that offers seasonal memberships. Also, playing during the evening or in off-peak times can help reduce budget demands.

Golf is a multidimensional activity that requires participation and preparation on a number of different levels. Possessing patience, the right gear and sufficient access to courses has proven to be very successful for many golfers around the world. Everyone has different goals they want to achieve within the game, and different resources to get there. This advice is a place to start.

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Scott McCormick is a sports fanatic. When he’s not watching Pardon the Interruption, he writes for Indianapolis Golf Now about discount golf options.

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