The Tee Box, and How It Influences a Golfer

This is a guest post by Scott McCormick

The tee box is the launch pad for both a golf round and a golf hole. This area of the long game is important not only for a golfer’s psyche, but also for performance. Many golfers struggle to find consistency on the tee, even at the pro level. It’s not just Tiger, either. Everyone has had their bad days on the tee.

Golf is a game of rhythm, fundamentals and consistent technique. Some main reasons the tee off, or first shot, is so important:

–          Sets the mental tone (good or bad) for the golfer

–          Establishes the lie for the second shot

–          Builds (or breaks) confidence

–          Leads to the (or takes away) ability to target green for birdie put

–          Can immediately add strokes to player’s score (water hazard or out of bounds)

Golf is a unique sport that arguably depends equally on the mental and physical competence of a player’s game. The tee box is the start of both the psychological and physical challenge that golf presents and it’s critical for players of all levels to understand this dynamic.

If you frequent the golf course, it’s imperative for you to understand that teeing off is about more than distance and swinging as hard as possible. It’s about calculated focus and preparation. Some quick points of advice to help you harness your first shot are listed below, with the goal of lowering your hole-by-hole and overall score.

  1. Focus: Try and put your attention squarely on your tee shot. Eliminate any distractions, including fellow players. Any conversation, whether it involves you or not, can severely limit your success on the tee box.
  2. Consider your second shot: Your second shot lie is arguably more important than your first shot distance. A longer approach from a fairway is much more ideal than a shorter one from the rough. Keep this in mind. Even if you have to tee off with a driving iron or an alternative club to achieve the necessary accuracy, it’s worth it. Too often the tee box is associated with a friendly power competition amongst players. It’s more multifaceted than this and deserves more respect.
  3. Avoid out of bounds and hazards at all costs: Adding a stroke off the tee box is the most detrimental way to start a hole. Not only does it agitate your confidence and emotion, but it also adds pressure to the remaining strokes. Do yourself a favor and play conservative off the tee. Some people can get away with being overly aggressive, but they are without a doubt the minority.

Golf has slowly become a world game in recent years. People join for many reasons and popularity has increased. However, the sport is incredibly tough and anyone who’s hit the links can vouch for it. The start of anything in life is crucial when the end is concerned. Golf is no different. Consider the above advice next time you walk up to the tee box. You should see both immediate and long-term reward.

About the Author

Scott McCormick has tried to start his own backyard putting green three summers in a row. When he’s not blaming a new weather pattern for its demise, he writes for Golf Now Indianapolis.

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