I saw this Tiger Woods swing video recently and it gave me some great insights into what I should be doing with my golf swing. I realize that I will never be able to swing the club the same way that Tiger does, but what this video does is give some incredible insight into what you should be aiming for. The video shows three shots in normal speed and then shows a drive i super slow motion. If you ever get a chance to film yourself and watch yourself swing a club and then compare it to what you see on this video, it will be an excellent learning experience. If you want to improve your golf game then there is no better way than learning from the best.

The first thing you really see is Tiger’s take away. He gets everything away together and I was amazed at how he really works at getting the club away fro his body. One thing that I also noticed in his rotation backwards is that there is little to no shift of the body sideways. Immediately I realized that I have been shifting my weight too far to the right during my back swing. This was causing me to be unstable. I now really focus on rotating rather than shifting and rotating.

During the video it is evident that Tiger is extremely flexible. He is able to complete a full rotation with very little hip rotation. The larger the differential between the angles of the hips and shoulders the larger force will be generated throughout the swing. Tiger’s shoulders make a full rotation with the hips only rotating slightly. This creates lots of force and is one of the reasons he is able to hit the ball a long way. Not everyone has this flexibility but it shows that if you can improve your flexibility even slightly it can really help you improve your distance.

Tiger begins his transition with his lower body. You can see that once he gets to the top of his swing his club actually stays in the same position for a split second while his hips really instigate the downswing. This allows him to generate lots of lag with his club and he can therefore hit a very long ball. This demonstrates the importance of the lower body driving the club rather than the arms. Tiger has been heard saying that he naturally has around a 2 yard draw. He can do this by driving with his hips in his down swing, not his arms. Those that have an over the top golf swing and slice or pull the ball take not. If you can get the hips to move the club rather than the arms, you are on the way to have a much improved golf swing. To me Tiger Woods is the best, so why not learn from the best.

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