Topped golf shots can be extremely frustrating for the amateur golfer. I was listening to the radio on Sunday morning and they have a golf segment that runs for around 2 hours. Listeners get to ask former pro Mark Allen questions and he gives instructions about how to┬áimprove their golf. One of the questions asked was “how do I stop topping the ball?”

Allen went on to explain where the topped shot comes from and how it is closely related to the duffed shot where you hit the ground well before the ball. The reason people play these shots is because they don’t understand how the ball gets into the air. In every other ball sport you need to get under the ball to get it into the air. In tennis, you need to hit under the ball, in baseball you hit under the ball, in soccer you kick under the ball. Golf is very different as we use a club that has an angled face on it. It is actually the loft of the club that will get the ball in the air, not you trying to hit under the ball.

By trying to hit under the ball you will either hit the ground too early and take a large divot and the ball will not travel very far; or you will not time it correctly and you will hit the ball halfway up and this will cause you to top the ball. Allen explains that you need to change your mind set and simply “hit the ball” and the club will get it in the air. A golf ball is only 1.68 inches high. If you are trying to hit under the ball, all you need is to be out by 1/4 inch and you will top the ball. That puts alot of pressure on you to get it exactly correct. If you simply “hit the ball” and you don’t get it perfect the ball will still travel in the air and cover some distance.

Mark Allen expalined that for the weekly or monthly amateur golfer, simply focus on ‘hitting the ball’ rather than hitting under the ball and place the ball mid stance. This will give you the best chance of hitting the ball the way you want to.

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