Getting your weight to transfer in the golf swing is important if you are going to play consistent golf. The rotation of the hips and shoulders should get your weight to move to your back leg and then to your lead leg through impact. Often amateur golfers will keep their weight centered and only swing the arms or they will have their weight moving backwards through impact. This type of weight movement can create many different types of shots but let me tell you, none of them are good.

One of the problems in golf is that the ball is stationary. In most ball sports the ball is moving and therefore so is the body. In tennis you move with a moving ball, soccer even a place kick you get a run up. This makes it much easier to get the body moving through the ball. In golf the ball is still and so is our body. This makes it slightly more difficult to get the body’s weight moving through the ball especially that we keep our feet still. So if you feel you need to improve your weight transfer┬áthen this drill will really help you.

When I first started playing golf I would simply use my arms and have very little hip rotation. This meant my weight was mainly centered, so in one of my first ever golf lessons my teacher gave me this drill and it honestly had an immediate impact. He gave me a set of instructions that I will explain to you now.

1. This first thing you need to do is take your normal stance and address the golf ball.

2. From this position you are going to move the club about 1 ft in front of the ball. This means the club is closer to the target than the ball. Sounds strange I know but it works.

3. From here you are going to make a swing and hit the ball. Now if you make a swing on your normal path you are may hit the ball in the back swing so you can either swing over the top of the ball (this is what I do) or you can swing slightly inside the ball.

It is that simple! What you will find is that you will increase the weight transfer in the golf swing and you will start getting your weight through the ball at impact. This will help you to hit the ball more consistently and also hit longer balls. Give this a go and as always, let me know how you went.

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