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 Why golf is good for you

Playing golf is a great way to stay fit, focused and physical. While it may often be perceived as a leisure sport, the benefits of the green are abundant. From improving brain function to getting in a cardio workout, here’s exactly why golf is good for you… aside from it just being plain old-fashioned fun.

It’s cardiovascular exercise

We’re told to get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3-4 times a week, and walking around an 18-hole golf course is definitely one way to get the muscles moving. The average course is between 5 and 8 miles, so give your caddy the day off and carry your clubs from hole to hole to burn around 1,000 calories. Regular games will increase calorie burn, lower cholesterol and speed up your metabolism.

It’s a natural source of Vitamin D

While Vitamin D can be found in some foods, the best way to get the proper nutrients is by soaking up the sun. UV rays can be dangerous in large amounts, but a few hours outside on the green can boost energy levels, help with calcium absorption and generate cell growth. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also sleep better after spending a day exercising outside.

It’s good for your eyes

Ever tried following that teeny-tiny speck of white as it soars over the fairway? Both spectators and players can give their vision a work out as they search for the pill in shrubs or sand. You’re also stimulating the tracking functions in your brain by keeping your eyes on the ball… literally.

It boosts your brain power

Golf isn’t just good for your body, it’s also great for your brain. A challenging sport requiring focus, concentration and coordination, golf is a fun and social way to stimulate your brain. During exercise, the blood flow to the brain is increased, helping to create new brain cells and improving neural pathway connections. Regular brain exercise not only increases your energy levels, but can also help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

It helps you focus

When you’re taking a swing, you’re controlling your attention and training your brain to focus. You’ll need to cut out external noise and channel your energy to get that hole in one. Work on a strategy with your analytical, geometrical and problem-solving skills to find the best way around the green. And while you’re looking after your brain, don’t forget to look after your things with Allianz Global Assistance Golf Insurance – losing your clubs definitely won’t help with stress levels. Golf is a sport requiring high levels of coordination, precision and balance, and constantly challenges your mind to stay cool when you miss out on that par!

It makes you happy

No matter your handicap, a game on the green is a great way to meet up with friends or make new acquaintances. Whether you’re bonding over a bunker or teeing off together, interacting with others while doing something you love increases cognitive function, lifts self-esteem and boosts happiness.



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